About Us


White Mirror is a series of interactive talks, workshops and info/edu-tainment programs deployed using transmedia (including via online streaming, 3D interactive environments and immersive experiences in virtual reality and haptics) for individuals and organisations to design the future they want to live in. It goes beyond with nature retreats and products that positively and profoundly impact humanity.

  1. WEtopia is for us, for all things. People, planet and beyond.

    WEtopia is in our being, so dance with it.

  2. WE value time for all & know the stories written today are the poetry for eternity.

    WE are immortalised by our stories we write today, poetically transcending eternity.

  3. WE have gratitude for all.

    aWEsome Gratitude, Appreciation & Humility in our service.

  4. WE possess unconditional love for all.

    Compassionate love is your gift to those whose hearts you touch, make it your centre.

  5. WE include all.

    You am I , I am You. A mantra of the ages.

  6. WE listen with empathy to all.

    Let empathy be your wisdom.

  7. WE live & breathe imagination for all.

    Deep breaths are invigorating. Stop now & breathe.

  8. WE believe there is abundance for all.

    In truth we discover abundance.

  9. WE know it's possible for all.

    Claim your Mindset so as to make anything happen.

  10. WE bring energy & spirituality for all.

    Unlimited is the universes' energy embodied within you, learn to recognise this, & retransmit as a beacon of light. This will elevate you.

  11. WE see the culture being for all.

    Diversity of culture is our saviour, as in White are all the colours combined.

  12. WE are united for all.

    Unified Action makes steel out of sticks.

  13. WE take action for all.

    This one is to give very special thanks to you, in loving embrace together, on your heart side, until you can feel our hearts beat as one.



The purpose of White Mirror is to curate a better universe for all by accelerating technology adoption to help attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (#UN-SDGs). This would be achieved by having participants opt-in to the positive futures they want to create, to remove psychological barriers of disbelief in the current state of accelerating technology trends, and to envision the utopias we wish to co-create for humanity at large.

See Anuraj Gambhir's original vision here.

See our live webinar recording here.

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