Meet The Team

Here are the individuals contributing their time and energy to the White Mirror Project

Anuraj Gambhir

Anuraj Gambhir

Alias: WanderingTechMystic

Powers: Story-showing/doing/living, Collabovation, Strategic Moonshot Vision, Gadgetman

Made in: India & Australia


  • Innovation Ecosystem Curation
  • Global Faculty, SingularityU
  • Innovation Catalyst / Evangelist / Mentor
  • Tech Industry ‘Nowist’ / Futurist
  • Global Collaboration / Conscious Leadership
  • Wearable-tech, Smart Futures, Future of Work/Life
Peter Xing

Peter Xing

Alias: Xing Thing

Powers: Brain-Machine Interfacing

Made in: China


  • Co-founder of Transhumanism Australia
  • Associate Director at KPMG in the Technology, Data & Innovation team, working on AI and automation initiatives.
  • Singularity University Faculty and is an Advisory Committee Member for SingularityU Australia.
  • Executive Member of Science Party Australia.
Christina Gerakiteys

Christina Gerakiteys

Alias: Warrior Woman

Powers: Alchemizing impossible to possible, Existing at the Intersection of the Values of Humanity with the Value of Technology

Made in: Australia


  • Co CEO SIngularityU Australia
  • Singularity University Expert Faculty
  • Founder UtopiaX
  • 15 years Writer, Producer, Director media
  • Head of Film and Television and Head of Music
Brian Krawitz

Brian Krawitz

Alias: The Dragon King, The ‘Hebrew Hammer’

Powers: Bringing Communities Together, Bridging the Gap between imagination and reality

Made in: New York


  • Founder of [en]light[en]ing concepts
  • Founder of The Connected Experience
  • Creative Technology Consultant
  • 10 Year Large Scale Burning Man artist
  • 20 years Multimedia Production/Engineering
Amber Bennett

Amber Bennett

Alias: Dr. Fresh Eyes

Powers: Seeing People, Their Gifts & Stories. Memory for the Big Details that Matter.

Made in: Australia & UK


  • Travelled to over 25 countries
  • Worked on every continent
  • Worked with global brands like Marvel and In Health
George Spiliopoulos

George Spiliopoulos

Alias: The King o' Tassie

Powers: Compassionate Claircognisance with sheathed sword of salvation.

Made in: Spartan & Cretan bloodlines conceived & born in Tasmania Australia, flawlessly forged in clean green abundance


  • Polymath of many talents, master of none.
  • Eloquent raconteur & in Jan 2020 Davos, annointed by His Most Divine All Holiness, Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch to preach love from the church within my heart.
Roy Sherfan

Roy Sherfan

Alias: Frame Theorist

Powers: Always thinking about how things work

Made in: Philippines


  • Film Director at Can’t Be Stopped Productions and Frame Theory
  • 20+ years web development, head of XS Developments
  • Macquarie University Alumni, Bachelor of Science in Computers and Information Systems
  • Studied musical composition at Trinity College London
Amritaa Sekhon

Amritaa Sekhon

Alias: Pockets

Powers: Resilience, intuition, building high performance teams and delivering awesomeness

Made in: India


  • Founder, Black Sheep White Flock (strategic innovation and disruption)
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Exponential Organisations
  • International Partner Australia, World Business Angel Investor Forum
  • Ambassador, OpenExO
  • Ambassador SingularityU Melbourne Chapter
Priscilla Koukoui

Priscilla Koukoui

Alias: HyperActiveThirdEye

Powers: Ubiquity (very fast do-er!), Multisensory story creator - both visionary and executer.

Made in: France


  • Founder, OviSquare
  • 15 years as an emerging tech consultant (20 companies (countless clients), 10 countries)
  • Creative machine: current research & exploration on crossmodal x HumanITY focus XR (VR/AR/PM) stories
  • Direct, produce and/or write. Build teams and capabilities to deliver. CX/multi pb solver
  • Masters in Management Skema Business School, MBA IIFT Delhi and IAT Bangkok (Corporate Finance and Information Systems, Management of Change), certified UX Designer
Ross Bochnek

Ross Bochnek

Alias: RoBo

Powers: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Research, Manifestation

Made in: USA


  • Founder, Mutual Mystical Media Lab
  • R&D and Systems Integration, The Connected Experience
  • MFA Design & Technology with Dual Concentration in Multimedia and Physical Computing, Parsons School of Design
  • Over 10 years research, writing, and presenting on the Soul and Spirit origins and etymology of “Cyber-”, “Tech-”, and “Cyborg” concepts
Johnny Browaeys

Johnny Browaeys

Alias: Butterfly

Powers: Developed 3 step Brain Hacking approach to acquire superpowers in life and business based on western science and Chinese ancient knowledge.

Made in: Belgium, aged in China


  • National Vice Chair European Chamber Environment Work Group
  • Chairman Seeder Clean Energy
  • Founder of The Connected Experience
  • Rapid Strategic Execution and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • China Business Development and Strategic Business Consultancy
  • Greentech, Healthtech, Agtech, Edutech